Our hotel

The house was built at the end of 18th Century. It served up to Second World war as cigar factory, before it was used as an emergency city hall, since the old city hall was nearly completely destroyed.

The old city hall today conduces the museum for art and culture history as exhibition building, after it was completely reorganized in the 80's. After acquiring the ownership in 1990 the future hotel building was completely renovated and arranged with an eye for the detail.

In the architecture of the hotel is today still at many places the original style of 18th century to recognize. An easy to access passage from the Kastellstrasse makes an entering possible to the mediteran arranged inner court, which invite on cosy days to get some rest. Hotel am Kastell is today the meeting place for business, leisure, art and culture.

With its service achievements Hotel am Kastell became indispensable as conference center and as an accommodation for many companies.

The central situation in the midst of the historical town centre of Goch offers routes along the Niederrhein and even to the Netherlands. The support of numerous business meetings in the culture and congress center "Kastell", a variety of cultural events in the museum, numerous activities into and around Goch express the strong bonds to Goch, its business and culture.